Why Uber Clone Scripts, Source Codes are Best to Start a Taxi Business?

Uber is known as a pioneer in the Taxi Business & Ride sharing company. Uber Clone, Uber Clone Scripts, source code for Taxi App has raised such a standard that it transformed the whole concept of taxi business in the world.

This Taxi booking Software, app is known for its excellent service to its customers. It makes havoc in the transportation business. Wherever it goes, it makes a mark on his own. As a result, the movement of Uber is known as Uberisation.

So, the positive impact of Uber app is a reason, why people want to go with Uber like taxi app development solutions from scratch or Buy Uber clone scripts to start a taxi business in 2018. So, to pace up with the world, make an app like uber or buy Uber Clone App Scripts, Develop taxi booking software with android and iPhone taxi booking application.

Synopsis: The App like Uber Clone Taxi App Development

Taxi App Clone” is an on-demand Taxi Booking Script to run your own taxi booking business on Android and iPhone which is very much similar to Uber like app. If you have any query about anything, please feel free to ask us. We will assist you.

What is Uber clone Scripts?

Uber Clone scripts is mainly “ready-to-go” mobile app solutions and PHP web scripts which is very much similar to Uber.

Why should I Buy Uber Clone scripts for My taxi business startup?

Uber has raised such a standard that it transformed the whole concept of taxi business in the world. This app is known for its excellent service for its customers. So, to pace up with the world, use our Uber Clone Script to get the upper hand.

Taxi App Development – Uber Clone

Our Uber clone scripts for Android or iOS is the best taxi booking app for your cab business. It is designed to meet up all of your demands. We upgraded it according to our customer needs. It’s entirely perfect for your Business.

So, use our Uber clone scripts to build your own app like Uber Taxi Booking App for Android & iPhone device.

What Other Similar apps like Uber: On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Our Uber Clone scripts is a solution for your Cab or ride sharing Business. If you need other clones scripts like Uber such as:

  • Ola Clone.

  • Lyft Clone.

  • MyTaxi Clone.

  • Careem Clone.

  • Didi Chuxing Clone.

  • Easy Taxi Clone.

  • Side Car Clone.

  • Flywheel Clone.

  • Taxi Magic Clone.

  • Grab Clone.

Come to us; we will exactly give you what you desired. So, if you want to start your own cab business, try our Uber clone scripts. Trust me; our Taxi clone scripts would prove best for your business.

App Like Uber Clone App Development Cost

Thinking about the How much does it cost to make an app like Uber? or Want to develop an app like Uber?

The complete Uber clone Scripts Package includes the website, Native iOS app for Driver & Passenger app, Native Android app for Driver & Passenger app, Web Panel for Driver and Passenger App, Dispatcher & billing Administrator panel, Web Panel for the Taxi Companies. You can choose the package from Basic or Silver as per as your choice. Basic package comes with $1000 & Silver package comes with $3000. Of course, we will offer you our promising support at free cost.

So, we are providing you the full Uber Clone Scripts package with the web, ios and Android, also includes 100% source code with free support for installation and deployment.

Advanced Features of Taxi Booking Script for Uber like Apps with Source code:

  • Native iOS app for Driver & Passenger app
  • Native Android app for Driver & Passenger app
  • Secure Payments & transaction History
  • Accept or reject Rides
  • SMS Authentication
  • Accept booking via Email, SMS & mobile phone
  • Cancel booking
  • SEO Setting
  • Admin Panel
  • Sensitive data protection.
  • Facebook sign in
  • Rider’s Feedback Analysis
  • Review & Rating.

Uber like Taxi App Development/ On-demand Taxi Booking App Development/Uber app Clone/ Uber Clone Scripts:

Our company’s Uber clone scripts for Android or iOS is the best taxi booking app for your cab business. It is designed to meet up all of your demands. We upgraded it according to our customers need. It’s entirely perfect for your Business.

So, use our Uber clone script to build your own Taxi Booking App in the Android version or iPhone device.

If you are querying, how to build an app like Uber? Let me tell you; Uber has two individual application. So, build an app likeUber means, you need two apps – passenger & driver app with different functionality.

Passenger App: The features passenger app need Login, Booking, Payment, Tracking & Notification, Messaging, register, Booking Interface, Push Notifications,and Ratings & Reviews,etc.

Driver app: The features driver app need Register & Profile, Booking, Messaging, Reports, Notification, Cost estimation, Navigation, and Support etc.

Additionally, an admin panel is required to operate all the process such as payments, manage ride route & customer support.

You don’t need to worry about the whole process. We are here to help you. You will have an awesome experience with us.

We are providing the full source code for the Uber app clone script. So, buy Uber for X to build your own on-demand service business.

Our Taxi Booking App Clone Development Services:

  • Uber Taxi App Clone.

Uber for X – Uber for On-demand services:

  • Uber for X’- Food Delivery Service.
  • Uber for X – Dog Walking Service.
  • Uber for X- Uber for trucks.
  • Uber for X – Uber for couriers.
  • Uber for X – Uber for Groceries.

Uber for X – Taxi Service app development Solutions:

  • Uber for X – Medical & Healthcare Taxi Service.
  • Uber for X – Medical & Healthcare Taxi Service.
  • Uber for X – Luxury Taxi Services.
  • Uber for X – Water Taxi Service.
  • Uber for X – Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services.
  • Uber for X – Water Taxi Service.
  • Uber for X – Carpool & RidesharingTaxi Service.

Uber-for-X depends on your business need and service.  So, basically, you just have to replace the “X” with your business need. Uber-for-X can also be other services like house cleaning services, flower delivery services, restaurant reservation services, grocery service, parking service, beauty parlor service and more. So, tell us about your business need & we will give you a guideline on that basis.

Why Choose Asterism Info Soft for New Uber like Taxi App clone Development

If you think what supports you will get from our company on the whole process, then please have a look at it –

  • Free Upgrade.
  • Best & free Customer Support.
  • Access to Source Code.
  • Free Installation.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Free quotes.

In the whole process, if you need more help, we are at your service, Sir. So, come to us & have a part of our amazing journey.

FAQ Before Buy Uber Clone Scripts

  • How Much Does it cost for on-demand for Uber Clone Script Package?

Well, you can choose from our packages – Basic, silver & Gold as per as your choice & requirements.

  • Do you have any customizations?

Yes, if you have any great Idea, tell us, we will implant it for you?

  • Do I have to pay for support?

No, we will provide you 24*7 period free support. You just have to take your phone, then contact us via email, message & phone. We will do the rest work.

  • Do you offer free upgrades?

Yes, We do.

  • I fear about my privacy, so what’s your play about it?

We respect your privacy as much as you do. If you don’t want your name and app publish in our portfolio, we will never do it. We will strictly maintain your confidentiality.

  • What other free things you will offer with Uber Clone?

Free Logo, Extraordinary Design, Free Upgrade, Impressive graphics, Best Customer Support, Reasonable Price & Free quotes. If you have special requirement, just let us know, we will leave no stone unturned to make you happy.

  • Do your team members have previous experience?

Yes, they do. We choose our members very wisely. They are experienced & Creative, certainly know their work very well. They are the best app developers in our country.

  • I have a little idea about the whole process. Would you mind to give me guidelines?

We would love to help you the whole process such as development marketing, support, maintenance, and marketing. In fact, we will do it at free cost.  Just buy our Uber Clone, then the rest work is ours.

Why we are the best Uber Clone scripts, source code Provider Company in India?

We have the best and visionary uber like app taxi clone developers who will make sure to meet up your expectations perfectly. Their design, excellent graphics & sales support that give you the best-enhanced experience you ever had with any company.  We also offer our mobile app clone service at a very reasonable price. If you compare the cost & service with other companies, then you find, we will get the same quality products at 30% lower price than our competitors

We run our venture with Integrity, excellence & respect. We will give our 100% sweat, determination & hard work to make you satisfied.

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